Monna Beckford, 2016 Outstanding Mentor: CYC Hero February

Over the last three decades, CYC has been able to positively impact the lives of 160,000 students thanks to the united efforts of the Greater Cincinnati community. Passionate individuals who care about their city are an integral ingredient to CYC’s success. Monna Beckford, the 2016 CYC Outstanding Mentor, is

National Mentoring Month 2016

A mentor is the secret ingredient behind all successful people. Mentors give young people someone to turn to when real life gets tough. Unfortunately, children growing up in poverty often lack access to mentors. With Cincinnati ranked fourth in the nation in childhood poverty, the need for mentors has

Trinitii Brewer, Outstanding Mentor: CYC Hero January

National Mentoring Month is the perfect month to kick off CYC Heroes, the new monthly feature recognizing individuals who make CYC great. Subsequently, it seems only fitting that the January Hero be a mentor—CYC’s 2015 Outstanding Mentor, Trinitii Brewer, that is

“Mentoring Can Change You”: An Interview

An interview with a CYC Match Jeff and Cameron have been matched for over one year. Jeff is a former marine who works with Vantiv, and Cameron is a freshman at Dater who loves baseball and cooking. In honor of National Mentoring Month, they agreed to share some of their