The Dream Makers Outstanding Student Award seeks to recognize the achievements of graduating seniors or individual one year into their post-high school journey who participated in one or more of CYC programs. Students selected from the pool of nominees, will receive $1,000 to help them on their path to success and a commemorative award. The winners will be recognized at the annual Dream Makers Celebration.  

Students must be nominated by an adult familiar with their qualifications – a Mentor, Teacher, College Advisor, or Career Specialist. In the spirit of CYC’s mission of “empowering children and young adults to overcome obstacles and succeed in education, career, and life,” students must submit a personal essay describing an obstacle they have faced and how they overcame it, and/or how they exemplify CYC’s values.  

If you know a graduating senior or individual one year into their post-high school journey who exemplifies CYC’s core values of empowerment, community, accountability, passion, and integrity, we invite you to nominate them for the opportunity to be recognized for their hard work. Please keep in mind that Outstanding Students are often asked to make appearances or give speeches at later events throughout the following year. Students with a strong track record for efficient communication and schedule management are highly desirable candidates.  

Nominees are asked to submit a casual photo.

Disclaimer: If selected as a winner, the student will be asked to participate in a video interview and photo shoot. Student may be asked to prepare and deliver a speech at the Dream Makers Celebration.

Both the nomination form and the student essay must be received electronically via CYC’s website by May 30th.

Any questions or concerns please contact CYC Offices at (513) 363-5250.

You can also download a copy of the nomination form for reference purposes from here

Student Nominee Information

If, for any reason, we are unable to contact the student, please list a reliable family member, guardian, or friend:

Nominator Information


The ideal length of response to each question is 150-200 words.

Please include the nominee’s response to the two essay prompts below.

  • Dream for Success Essay - Please answer the following prompt below, 250 words or less:
    1. What is your dream for success post-high school (Enroll, Enlist, Employment)? How do you plan to accomplish your dream?
  • Personal Essay - Please choose one or both of the questions below, 500 words or less:
    1. What is an obstacle you have faced in your life (personal, social, academic)? How did you overcome it, and how did it empower you?
    2. How have CYC programs (Mentoring, JCG, GEARUP) or its personnel (Mentor, College Advisor, Career Specialist) influenced your high school success?