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Volunteer Positions

CYC has a number of different volunteer opportunities. For more information on the various different positions that are available click here.

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Character Reference
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Character Reference
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For the safety of the students, normal employment verification such as contacting references and police checks will occur.

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  • Contact my mentee weekly and see him/her on a regular basis (Mentors Only)
  • Provide up-to-date copies of my driver's license and car insurance (Mentors Only)
  • Abide by all school rules, CYC and Board of Education policies

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Thank you for your interest in supporting Cincinnati’s vulnerable youth. 

There are always high school and elementary students waiting for someone like you to prepare them for college. Many of our mentoring relationships have begun in elementary school and continued long past high school. If you’d like to become a mentor of a student in this age range, we can match you more promptly.