A mentor is the secret ingredient behind all successful people.

Mentors give young people someone to turn to when real life gets tough. Unfortunately, children growing up in poverty often lack access to mentors. With Cincinnati ranked fourth in the nation in childhood poverty, the need for mentors has never been greater in our great city.

Lamont Watkins and Tim ClarkeWhen a child has a mentor, they are more likely to avoid drug abuse. They are more likely to attend school regularly.1 They are more likely to learn the big and small life lessons that you can’t learn in a classroom—lessons that prepare them for real life.

This National Mentoring Month, we celebrate the positive impact of mentoring in real life.

Think of your own mentors—Can you imagine your life without them? Who would you be? CYC students face incredible obstacles, from poverty to substance abuse in the family, incarcerated parents to homelessness. A mentor provides the stability and confidence needed to overcome those obstacles and create a successful life. 95% of CYC students graduate high school, compared to the national rate of 82%. Additionally, 83% successfully transition to a college, a job, or the military. These students are equipped with real-life skills, able to reach their full potential. Learn more about our students’ success

Celebrate National Mentoring Month with Cincinnati Youth Collaborative in a number of ways:

One life will be changed forever when you commit to one hour, one day, or one year. Whatever your abilities, Cincinnati Youth Collaborative offers a wide variety of mentoring opportunities.

Join the movement – make a real-life impact when you mentor in real life.

Shandreanna - Mrs.Lori and MeCameron and Jeff after going out to eat together

Vicky Perkins with former studet Tajha Leflore, now a sophomore at Ohio University









1 Philliber Research Associates, 2014.