Forever Changed: Vicky Perkins, Career Specialist

This month’s author, Vicky Perkins, is a long-time Career Specialist in CYC’s Jobs for Cincinnati Graduates program. Jobs for Cincinnati Graduates is a credited in-school elective equipping students with 37 core character competencies that prepare them for post-secondary enrollmenet, employment, or enlistment. The JCG program is the local chapter

Jobs for Cincinnati Graduates receives Dater Foundation Grant Award

Cincinnati Youth Collaborative received a $10,000 grant award from the Charles H. Dater Foundation for the Jobs for Cincinnati Graduates program. This grant will impact the hundreds of students who learn practical, character-building skills that prepare them for success in school pursuits, careers, and in life. JCG alumni go on

CYC’s JCG Receives SuperAward for Youth Opportunity Provider

CYC’s Jobs for Cincinnati Graduates Program received the 2015 SuperAward for Youth Opportunity Provider. The award was granted by the Southwest Ohio Region Workforce Investment Board (SWORWIB), in recognition of JCG’s commitment to using the resources of the public workforce system in Cincinnati and Hamilton County to put more people