Lori Meyer, Lives Profoundly Changed: CYC Hero September

One of the most exciting things about mentoring is that you never know what kind of relationship will develop. Lives can be profoundly changed, and one excellent example of that is CYC’s September Hero, Lori Meyer. She did not plan on becoming a mother figure to a mentee. In

Tim Clarke, Mentor and Best Man: CYC Hero July

CYC Mentoring has a long history of creating life-changing bonds and friendships, but it’s an especially unique connection that results in a mentor standing as the best man in his mentee’s wedding. That’s exactly what happened with Lamont and Tim. For his exceptional presence in Lamont’s life, and the profound

Nancy and Kevin Costello, Community Champions: CYC Hero May

May 16th marked the 11th Annual Dribblethon, the end-of-the-year celebration for the Saturday Hoops program. Saturday Hoops has been a part of the OTR community since 2004 and became a part of CYC in 2014. Much of the success of Saturday Hoops is due to Nancy and Kevin Costello’s