Few things are more important than investing in a child’s future.

Can you imagine your life without:

  • a positive role model 
  • a high school diploma
  • a plan for the future

Cincinnati Youth Collaborative provides services that are critical to creating a pathway to success for more than 2,500 vulnerable students each year. These services prepare students to be successful, allowing them to realize education and career possibilities. 

Supporting CYC ensures at-risk kids in our community have the necessary guidance to reach their potential. 

Invest in vulnerable students

Covers the cost of 10 mentor background checks

Provides care packages to 5 first-in-family college students

 Allows 5 high school students to participate in a community service project

Provides transportation for 5 students to go on a college visit

Supports a mentor/mentee relationship for one year

Any investment gives opportunity to kids who need us most

Invest monthly and maximize your annual gift

Amount:  Number of recurring months:


 Thank you for investing in the future!

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