You have been nominated by a teacher, mentor or a special adult in your life who has seen you grow as a student, give back to your community and has the can-do attitude in life!

In order to complete the process as one of the potential winners for a $1,000, you must submit a short 1-4 minute video that answers the following questions:

  1. State your name, the school you are attending/attended as part of CYC.
  2. If you have already graduated, how you are currently pursing enrollment in higher education or training, enlistment in the military or employment in the workforce?
  3. How has CYC made a positive impact on your education, career of life decision?
  4. Why do you think this special person nominated you?

If you would prefer to express yourself in writing, please feel free to write a one-page essay on how the CYC program you participated in has changed your life or why you think you were picked to win the $1,000 over thousands of students?

Once you have created your video or essay, please use the appropriate form below to submit it. You only need to do one of the two options. 

Submit Video

Submit Essay