On Monday, February 24 at 5:30 p.m. CYC will host an orientation that will introduce interested Young Professionals to the organization and its mission. The orientation will last no longer than one hour and will include a Q&A session. Come learn more about CYC!

Cincinnati Youth Collaborative Young Professionals (CYCYP)

CYCYP is an active group of young professionals dedicated to creating a pathway to success for vulnerable students in Cincinnati. CYCYP is committed to CYC’s mission, and its commitment ensures the success of CYC. CYCYP provides it members the opportunity to share ideas, energy and talents so that they can make a difference in the community. CYCYP is also a great way to network, develop leadership skills, and meet new friends.


To learn more about CYCYP, please contact Danielle Gentry-Barth at 513-363-5250 or dbarth@cycyouth.org