1. How do I become a mentor?
    1. Complete a CYC online application here.
    2. After submitting an application, you will be contacted in order to participate in a quick interview.
    3. Once the interview is completed an automated message will be emailed asking you to select a training session. This training session is necessary for all applicants to become a mentor. Training will need to be scheduled within a 3 month time period after applying online.
    4. Required documentation needed at training session:
      • State Issued ID card, original or a copy
      • Proof of Driver’s Insurance, original or a copy

We will collect signed background check requests Approximately 2 weeks after training, you will be assigned a Mentor Coordinator who will contact you about getting matched with a student.

  1. What does mentoring involve?

A mentoring relationship involves a nurturing and caring adult sharing experiences and knowledge in order to assist in a young person’s growth and maturity through their developmental years.

  1. What ages are mentees?

CYC Mentoring works with students in grades 2nd – College.

  1. Is it mandatory for mentees to participate in the program?

CYC Mentoring is an optional program for children. All children complete an application similar to mentors. Mentees and their parents/guardians have an understanding that they are voluntarily signing up for this opportunity.

  1. What type of events can I take my mentee to?

The good thing about CYC One-to-One Mentoring is that it allows for flexibility in your schedule. You and your mentee have the ability to determine your own meeting times and activities based on your interests. The main priority is that you follow through with any arrangements you make with your mentee and their family.

  1. How often should I meet with my mentee? What is the time commitment?

CYC has minimum requirements about how frequently one-to-one mentors must see their mentees. These are listed below:

  • A volunteer paired with an individual mentee is asked to commit to at least one year of service. A volunteer is not limited to just that one year. In many cases we find that mentors and mentees mutually decide to remain matched until the mentee graduates from high school, and sometimes beyond that.
  • Volunteers need to have some form of contact with mentee at least once a week. This can be a phone call, text message, instant messaging, video chat, etc.
  • Volunteers should have at least one in-person visit with their mentee per month.
  1. Can I have my mentee around my children?

Yes. CYC advises that you be attentive to your mentee during the times you share together, but it’s good to expose your mentee to your family and friends, too.

  1. How long is this commitment? Does my relationship end after the first year?

For a volunteer paired with an individual mentee, CYC initially asks for a one year commitment. Many of our mentors and mentees participate longer than their first year. It’s up to you and your mentee if you are interested in extending your relationship past one year.

  1. Can I mentor a child that I already know?

Yes. In the past, CYC has matched mentors and mentees that are already acquainted with one another. However, some restrictions may apply. To find out more, contact CYC at 513-363-5200.

  1. What should I do if a match isn’t going well?

Contact your assigned Mentor Coordinator ASAP. CYC is here to support you at all times in order to facilitate a happy and healthy relationship. A Mentor Coordinator will be assigned to you at the beginning of your mentoring relationship.

  1. What is the role of a CYC Mentor Coordinator?

All mentors are assigned a Mentor Coordinator. Mentor Coordinators unite the efforts of school staff, parents/guardians, students, and mentors to promote a heathy and successful mentoring experience. You should expect to have regular contact with your assigned Coordinators, especially in the beginning of the mentoring relationship. This allows for the Coordinator to be aware of any challenges or achievements. CYC recommends that you keep your Mentor Coordinator informed about the progress of your mentees. The more a Coordinator knows about your match the better assistance they can provide.

  1. What other mentoring options are available at CYC?

CYC has a variety of options for volunteers. There are group mentoring opportunities such as:

  • Girls Club – Group meets weekly at the school building during after school hours to work with elementary-aged girls on a variety of crafts, projects and promoting social skills. These groups are in five different area schools (Hays/Porter, Hartwell, Mt. Airy, JP Parker, Taft Elementary, Winton Hills & Whitaker)
  • Saturday Hoops – Volunteer with a group of children every Saturday between January and May at the Over-the-Rhine Recreation Center. Activities include athletics, arts & crafts, guest speakers, and group discussions. For further details about these meetings please and how you can volunteer, email saturdayhoops1@gmail.com. You can also check out their Facebook page.
  1. How would I start a group or corporate volunteer initiative with CYC?

CYC welcomes new partnerships. If you have a group interested in partnering with CYC, contact CYC directly at 513-363-5200 to discuss opportunities.

  1. Are there volunteer opportunities other than mentoring?

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities. These volunteer roles may vary in the application process, time commitment, and skill set required. A list of possible volunteer positions are below. Please contact CYC directly at 513-363-5200 to find out more.

  • College and Career Success volunteers: Assisting CYC Advisors and Coordinators with ACT review, FASFA night, College Application Day, proof-reading college essays
  • Work Readiness: Leading business development groups or career workshops, coaching students in interview skills and resume writing
  • Mentoring: One-on-one mentoring, Group mentoring, Worksite mentoring
  • Service/Community Learning Projects: Either leading teams of CYC students or working with CYC community groups as they volunteer with Global Youth Service Day, Ronald McDonald House, Habitat for Humanity, Bethany House, etc.