2018 Barbara Siebel Spirit Award

Nomination Form

CYC’s reputation and quality of student services are intrinsically linked to the commitment, excellence, and passion of its dedicated staff. With the help of CYC staff’s talent, creativity, and commitment to teamwork, students are inspired and motivated to achieve their dreams and succeed in education, career and life.

The Barbara Seibel Spirit Award is in recognition of Barbara Seibel, former President and CEO of Jobs for Cincinnati Graduates (JCG). The award honors her outstanding leadership, her commitment to excellence, her spirit of compassion and her passion to help young people succeed. Barbara’s belief was that every young person could succeed, they just needed a caring person to walk beside them. This annual reward will be given to a staff member who best exemplifies the mission and values of CYC and demonstrates excellence and pride in their efforts to help students and families.

As a CYC staff member, please nominate a colleague who embodies the spirit award qualities for the 2018 Barbara Seibel Spirit Award. The recipient will be honored on Monday, February 5, 2018 at the All Staff Retreat.

Eligibility: All CYC staff (full time, part time, contracted) are eligible for nomination, excluding President/CEO, Chief Development, Marketing and Strategy Officer and Chief Operating Officer.

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    Please respond to all areas below and give specific examples. Keep our Mission and Core Values in mind. To help prepare forms for anonymous review, please omit names in your paragraphs and use pronouns instead. All responses should be between 200 to 300 words.

    1. Describe how the nominee demonstrates outstanding performance. How does he/she exhibit dedication, professionalism, enthusiasm for work, team spirit, accountability, problem solving, and dependability?

    2. Describe how the person works collaboratively with other CYC staff to accomplish CYC’s mission: Empowering vulnerable children and young adults to overcome obstacles and succeed in education, career and life. Please provide specific examples.

    3. Describe how the nominee involves themselves in CYC activities (events, committees, and activities) and show cases their willingness to go beyond their specific role.

    4. Describe how the person incorporates CYC values (accountability, community, empowerment, integrity, passion) into their work approach and/or with their interactions with students.

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    Previous CYC Outstanding Staff:

    Kayla Rickels – 2016

    Victoria Regan – 2015

    Chris Lipscombe – 2012

    Josephine Henderson – 2011

    Karen Connell – 2009

    Donald Swain – 2008

    Christine Singleton  -2007

    Rosland Johnson – 2006

    All nominations are due no later than Friday, January 19, 2018