Saturday, March 9th
Cincinnati State Arena

3520 Central Pkwy, Cincinnati, OH 45223

9:00 AM
Doors Open at Cincinnati State for Open Gym, Arts and Crafts, Dance and other activities

Student Transportation Begins at all three Hoops locations
(Winton Terrace Rec Center, Lincoln Rec Center, Taft Boys and Girls Club)
*Students taking bussing must arrive before 9:30 am*

10:00 AM
Celebrity Knockout Round

10:30 AM
Age Bracketed Play Begins

12:30 PM
Grand Champion is Awarded



The game begins with players lined up at the free throw line and extending towards half court. The first two players each start with a basketball.

Player one shoots a free throw and tries to make it. If the player misses, they must grab the rebound and score as fast as possible. Player one’s second shot does not need to be from the free throw line. He/she can shoot a jump shot, lay-up or whatever is needed in order to score fastest.

Player two cannot shoot until after player one has shot their first free throw. The goal for player two is to score a basket before player one does. If player two misses their free throw he/she must also rebound their miss and make a shot as quickly as possible.

If player one makes a basket first, they go to the back of the line. If player one fails to make a basket before player two, player one is eliminated!

Once player one makes a basket they pass the ball to the next player in line. That player tries to make a basket before player two does. If this occurs, player two is out. If player two scores first, they go to the end of the line and pass their ball to the fourth player in line.

The game continues like this until only one player is left standing.